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If I am not having trouble with my teeth; why do I need to come to the dentist?

Many people don’t realise the importance of preventive care when it comes to their dentistry. With check-ups and cleans every six months at our Maroubra Junction, NSW dental clinic, Dr Pertsoulis can help you maintain and improve your oral health. Routine examinations enable him to detect dental issues while they are still small and easier—and usually less expensive—to treat.

For example, if you skip routine dental check-ups, a tiny spot of tooth decay on your tooth won’t be noticed. Tooth decay doesn’t generally come with any symptoms while still in the early stages. But left untreated, a small spot of tooth decay often continues to grow. If you put off routine dental care, that small bit of tooth decay can get bigger, ultimately letting bacteria into the tooth root. Suddenly, you have an unbearable toothache that sends you in for an emergency dental appointment. You might be upset to learn that now you need a root canal. A preventive care examination might have prevented the need for this more invasive treatment.

It might make sense to save your money and skip dental visits, but in the end, you might spend more of your hard-earned money—and you might spend more time in the dental chair.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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